Flake Sea Salt, Greece
Flake Sea Salt, Greece
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All natural large flake sea salt from Greece, great to use as both a cooking and a.....
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All natural large flake sea salt from Greece, great to use as both a cooking and a finishing salt

Often referred to as Pyramid Sea Salt, our flake sale is soft, delicate, and larger in granularity. This beautiful flake sea salt is naturally harvested from the waters of the Ionian sea. Sea salt flakes add a clean crisp flavor to many dishes ranging from soups, stews, fish and grilled meats. The sharp and irregular shape of white salt crystal formations give this product an artisan appearance of a sea salt that is unrefined, luxurious and complimenting to any recipe.

Try replacing your kosher salt with natural sea salt and see the difference

Natural sea salt tends to be flakier, less uniform in size and shape, and has various differences in trace and mineral elements depending on its origin and where it is harvested.  This results in different flavor profiles but chemically speaking sea salt, kosher salt, and table salt are all the same but have different uses that only well-trained chefs, cooks, and anyone that appreciates fine food can easily recognize.  Use what works best for you but always eat and flavor well. If you need some help, count on Slofoodgroup for the finest in gourmet salts, flavors, spices and other premium kitchen tools and products.  

 *Our flake sea salt has been certified kosher by EarthKosher.

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